International migration is one of the priority issues on the agenda of many countries. Globalization, income inequalities between countries and demographic and economic imbalances contribute to the expansion of migratory movements that we have witnessed in the last twenty years, which have generated notable benefits but also pose important challenges for government policies.

One of the essential elements for advancing the understanding and management of international migration is reliable information, comparable data across countries, and regular monitoring of movements and policies.

We are therefore especially pleased to present this first report on International Migration in the Americas of the Continuous Reporting System on International Migration in the Americas (SICREMI). This initiative aims to contribute to the monitoring of international migratory movements in the region by providing technically rigorous and up-to-date information on migratory flows. It also covers the main policies and programs that the governments of the Americas direct towards a growing migrant population, both in the countries of the continent itself and in the countries of destination.

The SICREMI was designed based on the methodological model of the Permanent Migration Observation System (SOPEMI) established in 1973 by the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD), which provides its member states with a mechanism for the exchange of information through a network of correspondents at the national level that meets annually. The national correspondents are appointed jointly by the OECD and the governments of their countries and are supported by those key institutions in the production of information. The information collected is updated – annually where possible – and is based on administrative records, surveys and national censuses. The data has been systematized and harmonized as far as possible, according to the criteria specified in the report.

The publication will progressively incorporate a growing number of countries and will include in the coming years an annual review of developments in migration policies. Its continuity demands active support from the governments of the region.

We hope that this first effort will respond to the growing demand for information and analysis on migration from the countries of the Americas

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