Migration at the OAS – Historical Record

Perhaps the most important issue of the 21st century is migration. Its affects are felt transitionally. Not only from countries losing citizens, but also by countries receiving those foreign nationals, and by countries through which these migrants pass. These migrations are occurring globally, but we will focus here on migration in the Americas. The United States as developed nation with a growing economy acts a magnet for migrants from poorly developed Central American countries plagued by low economic growth, poverty, violence and crime, principally the Northern Triangle, Guatemala, El Salvador and Honduras.

Transnational problems cry out for transnational solutions, which are perhaps best studied by organizations with a transnational focus.  For the Americas, the organization best suited to that is the OAS, or Organization of American States. OAS did indeed study this migrant problem and issued several reports. It had a dedicated website for those reports, this one, migracionoea.org. Unfortunately, this website expired and disappeared from the active web.

We thought that it was worth bringing back as a historical record, and bringing it back in English so that the materials are more readily available in the United States. We will, however, provide a version in Spanish. We hope to back soon. While you are waiting, you can get in touch.

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