National Correspondents Network

Countries participating in the SICREMI 2011 report


Martín Arias Duval , National Director of Migration Federico Luis Agusti, Director of International and Social Affairs, National Directorate of Migration


Miriam Willoughby , Statistical Specialist, Acting Manager, Census Surveys and Administrative Statistics, Statistical Institute of Belize


Martha Justus , Director, Research and Evaluation, Citizenship and Immigration Canada Chona Iturralde, Acting Research Manager, Citizenship and Immigration Canada


Francisco Pérez Walker , General Director of Immigration and Consular Affairs, Ministry of Foreign Affairs Raúl Sanhueza, Director of the Directorate for the Community of Chileans Abroad, Ministry of Foreign Affairs

Pedro O. Hernández González , Head of the International Migration Planning Department, Directorate for the Community of Chileans Abroad of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs


Nestor Orduz , Advisor to the “Colombia Unites Us” Program Cesar Camilo Vallejo, Advisor to the “Colombia Unites Us” Program Francisco A. Melo, Advisor to the “Colombia Unites Us” Program


Fernando Solíz Carrión , Ministerial Advisor, National Secretariat for Migrants Patricia Ruiz, Planning Analyst, National Secretariat for Migrants

The Savior

Jairo Damas Cruz , Head of Migrant Workers, Ministry of Labor and Social Welfare Mexico

Ernesto Rodríguez Chávez , Director, Center for Migratory Studies, National Institute of Migration


Carlos Calvo , Director, Sociodemographic Statistics Division, National Institute of Statistics

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