Asylum Seekers in the Americas

Asylum-seeking in Latin America and the Caribbean generally remains a rare phenomenon, with rates of 18 claims per million inhabitants in 2013, roughly one-seventh of those seen in Canada and the United States (Table 3). As of 2010, the number of applications has remained at levels below half the averages registered prior to that year, largely … Read more

The Labor Market Situation of Migrants From the Americas in Europe and the United States

It has become commonplace to say that the economic crisis of 2008-2009 in many countries was the most serious after the Great Depression. However, the effects of the crisis varied considerably from one country to another, with a significant impact on the main destination countries for immigrants from the Americas, especially Spain and the United States. The … Read more

The Stock of Immigrants in the Americas and Emigrants From the Americas

The stock of immigrants Historically, international migration in the Americas can be characterized by three important periods: a) until around 1950, the countries of the American continent as a whole were destinations for transoceanic immigration from Europe in particular, to later become – with notable exceptions from the United States and Canada – in countries … Read more


Chile is attracting an increasing number of immigrants from neighboring countries. For 2013, the number of immigrants who arrived in Chile (permanent and temporary) was more than double the number registered in 2010. However, the foreign-born population as a percentage of the total population remains low and has increased slightly since the 1990s, from 0.8% to … Read more

Settlement or Return

In many countries of emigration in the Americas, considerable attention is paid to the fate of citizens who have emigrated to other countries, either permanently or temporarily. This is both because countries of origin want to ensure that their citizens are well treated in destination countries and because emigrants, through the remittances they send back to … Read more


In relative terms, Belize is the Central American country that has received the most immigration since its independence in the early 1980s. Immigration in 2011 stood at 4.3 per thousand in the population, approximately the same relative level as Barbados. . The foreign-born population in 2013 represented 15.3% of the country’s total population, the highest … Read more