Education and Unemployment Among Workers in the Americas

In almost all countries, unemployment tends to be higher among workers with low than high levels of education,14 and this is generally the case whether they are native or foreign-born workers. It is also true for Latin American workers living in OECD countries (Table 9). Overall, the differences range from 4 percentage points between highly and low-educated … Read more

The Acquisition of Nationality

With the definitive settlement of immigrants in a country, the issue of acquiring the nationality of their adopted country almost inevitably arises, if for no other reason than the fact that it makes possible the full political participation of immigrants in the country. country life. But it also facilitates hiring by the employer and may possibly … Read more

Self-Employment and Entrepreneurship

Although many migrants leave their countries in search of wage employment in the destination country, migrant status does not preclude the possibility of engaging in self-employment or establishing a business. In 2010-2011, more than 1.5 million self-employed persons from the Americas were registered in the OECD area. The largest group was Mexican and essentially resided in … Read more

The Occupational Distribution of Employment Among Migrant Workers in the Americas

A recurring debate about migration has to do with the effect of immigrants on the labor market outcomes of workers in destination countries. Although this topic is beyond the scope of this chapter, statistics on the occupational distribution of employment can be revealing. It is generally assumed that the distribution of workers by ability level largely … Read more


Beine, Michel, Fréderic Docquier, and Hillel Rapoport, 2008. “Brain Drain and Human Capital Formation in Developing Countries: Winners and Losers,” Economic Journal, Royal Economic Society, vol. 118(528), pages 631-652, 04. BLS (2012), “Usual weekly earnings of wage and salary workers, Third quarter 2012”, press release (October 18, 2012), Bureau of Labor Statistics, Department of Labor from … Read more

Introduction (The Labor Market Situation of Emigrants From the Americas in 2010-2011)

This section examines the labor market situation of emigrants from the Americas in OECD destination countries that have available detailed information on emigrants by country of origin, including the United States and most European countries7. The countries included in the analysis account for more than 92% of all emigrants from the Americas in the OECD countries … Read more

Demographic and Geographic Settlement Patterns of Emigrants From the Americas

The availability of economic opportunities and proximity, in the case of the United States, have played an important role in determining the chosen location of emigrants from the Americas. (Graph 6). More than two-thirds of the emigrants from the Americas over the age of fifteen who lived there in 2010-2011 were from Central America, followed by 18% … Read more

National Correspondents Network

The participating organizations wish to express their sincere gratitude to the National Correspondents and teams from the 18 OAS member countries that participated in this report by working tirelessly to prepare the national reports, the basis on which this report has been prepared. Argentina Martín Arias Duval, Director , National Directorate of Migration Federico Luis Agusti , … Read more

The Continents and the Main Countries of Origin of Immigrants

For the majority of the countries of the Americas that are part of this report, immigration is an issue of the Americas, that is, the majority of immigrants, both permanent and temporary, came from the Western Hemisphere (Table 3) in 2010. Only in Canada, the United States and Brazil were the majority of immigrants not … Read more


Countries of origin, as well as countries of destination, can benefit from international migration, an issue that is high on the political agenda of many governments around the world. For many countries of origin, including in Latin America and the Caribbean, international migration offers opportunities for people to work abroad and support family members who have … Read more